Induction hardening

Why to choose the induction hardening?

As a main component in the family of surface hardening heat treatment, the induction hardening wants to improve the resistance to wear, fatigue, to the damage and plastic deformations of the treated particulars. The right cycle allows to limit much the deformations and the embrittlement of the thinnest sections and in the most strict sections changes. Moreover thanks to its own nature and the use of high automation plants the induction hardening is a high repeatability process that guarantees constant performances on the all treated lot. At the same time the heart or the not treated surfaces will maintain the characteristics of the base metal and so its mechanical characteristics will remain the same.

When to choose the induction hardening?

When you need to hardened only some surfaces of a particular or harden them differently and to take at the minimum the deformations, the induction hardening is one of the very little solutions for you. The same is for the pieces where the dimensions and the mass should make to complex and expensive a massive treatment to justify the technological need to harden only some surfaces.